McAfee Magic is a new and revolutionary, cryptocurrency trading platform

McAfee Magic enables both manual and automated trading, across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, all at the same time and from the comfort of a single user interface!

The ‘magic’ is being able to make a snap trade, while your pre-set automated bots are making 100’s of trades for you, (on different exchanges), in the background! – that’s McAfee Magic.


Magic Portal

Seamless, automated

McAfee Magic enables traders to consolidate the cryptocurrency world into a single, powerful dashboard.

McAfee Magic provides traders with a ‘standard set’ of advanced trading features, such as Auto Buy, Auto Sell, Trailing Buy, Trailing Sell, Stop Loss, Complete Auto Trade etc.

The ‘Magic’ is that traders have those advanced features even if they do not exist on many exchanges! – that’s McAfee Magic.


Shadow Portal

Follow Professional Traders

McAfee Magic provides shadow trader functionality that enables novice traders to ‘shadow’ professionals – automatically.

McAfee shadow enables novices to simultaneously shadow multiple professionals, across a range of exchanges and cryptocurrency pairs.

The ‘Magic’ is that novice traders are not required to fund ‘trader’ accounts. Novices retain control over access to their funds at exchanges. (‘Your keys’ your ‘crypto’) - that’s McAfee Magic


Free to signup use magic practice mode.

Exchanges: 8

Currencies: 500+

Trusted Users: